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Pi Math School - Policies

Policies and Payments

Policies and Payments


Fall Enrollment: Enrollment began on May 21, 2020.  In order to plan class schedules and teacher availability please make sure to enroll your child or children by June 30, 2019.  For those that sign up before June 30, 2020 their prices will be fixed at the 2018-2019 rates.  For those that sign up after June 30, 2020  a new tuition schedule will go into effect for the 2020-2021 school year.

Fall lessons begin September 08, 2020 and end on Friday, June 18, 2021 for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Registration: Each student must be registered online at PIMATHSCHOOL.COM prior to attending class.  The payment is due at time of registration and is not refundable after Labor Day or the first lesson.  The registration fee for each student is $100 which covers administration fees, the cost of books, materials and reserving a space for your child/children.

No child will be considered enrolled or classes scheduled for them until their registration fee is paid.  It is in your interest to pay this as soon as possible. Students without paid registration fees are not guaranteed a seat in their class. If your seat is assigned to another registered student we will do our best to find the next best match, however we cannot guarantee it will be on the same day and/or time.

Group Tuition: Every month please go onto PIMATHSCHOOL.COM and purchase the service/services you need for your child/children.  The website will give you the option of paying by debit/credit card or submitting a check to 300 West Main Street, Building C, Northboro, MA 01532.  You also have the option of paying the tuition in advance by semi-annual or in full.  Please see pricing table below.

You will also have the option of setting up reoccurring payments.  This will eliminate the need for monthly logon.  We will need a Third-Party Payment Authorization form signed and dated by you for this option.  If you are interested, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a form.  Due to government regulation this form is only good for one year and must be updated annually.  If you already have one on file and wish to continue with the process, please ask for a new form.

For check payments, please indicate the month you are paying and the child’s name in the memo field.  This will help us in applying the payments correctly.  There will be a $25 fine for each bounced check to cover the cost of the fee charged to us by the bank.

All tuitions for students are due on the first of the month of service not after the month of service.  A $25 late fee will be assessed each month until the tuition is paid.  (Example:  If Mary is taking lessons in September then the payment is due September 1st.).  Any account more than two months late will result in us exploring our options to discontinue lessons until the balance is paid.

Multiple Kids: The first child (oldest child/grade) is at full price.  Each subsequent child will receive a 10% discount off of his/her service only.  This applies to children in standard groups only there are no discounts on Private or Semi Private lessons.

Private Tuition: All payments are due at the time of service or you can prepay through our website for any number of sessions.  You have the option of having your child/children bring a check with them to their lesson or going on line and paying by credit/debit card.  A $5.00 convenience charge will be accrued for any payment not received at time of service.  There are no discounts on these classes.


Tuition Payment Schedule Starting July 01, 2019



Price per Child (oldest child)

Price with Multiple Child Discount (youngest child)

Payment is due on the first of the month

Kindergarten 1.0 Hour Group



1.5 Hour Group



2.0 Hour Group



3.0 Hour Group



K University



Sessions are prepaid each month

Semi-Private Group


No discount

Private On-Line 


From September 2020

Private In Office


No discount

Payment Due Prior To First Session for each child

Registration, Books & Material

$100 At Sign Up

No discount



Snow Days/ Sick Days & Cancellations/ Separations of Service

Weather Days: Please note PI Math School will not close for inclement weather.  Instead when schools close for a snow day we will hold all classes online.  In order to access these online classes please make sure your child has access to an internet equipped device.  Each teacher will have an access code for online lessons which will be provided when classes start in September.

Sick Days: For Group lessons there are no refunds or make up lessons for missed classes due to illness.  For those students too ill to attend class, we hold group classes online and will begin recording and archiving our classes.  An email will be sent containing the homework.

For Private lessons we require 24-hour notice for cancellation.  All cancelled lessons must be sent via email to your child’s/children’s teacher a voice mail or text will not be considered proper notification.  You will have two same day cancellation grace before we still charge you for the missed lesson.


Separations: For Group clients 30 days written notice or email is required (Example:  If a client wishes to stop classes as of May 10th then we will need notice by April 10th).  Additionally no partial refunds will be given.  Example (Jane attends classes on May 1st and May 8th but decides not to attend the remainder of the month of May no refund is given for the rest of the month.)

Referrals: For every new client received based upon a referral the person referring the new client will receive a $50 Gift Card when the new client pays his/her registration fee and first month of service.

No Guarantee: We do not guarantee any test results nor school grades as a result of our services.


                                    Holiday & Vacation Schedule






Labor Day

September 08, 2020


Columbus Day

October 12, 2020


Halloween Day

October 31, 2020


Thanksgiving Holiday

November 26-27, 2020


We are open Veteran’s Day


December Break

December 22- December 31, 2020


New Year’s Day

January 01, 2021


February Break

February 14-21, 2021


No Days Off


April Break

April 11-18, 2021


Memorial Day

May 31, 2021


No Days Off ( Last Day June 18, 2021)