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Pi Math School - Why Pi Math School

Why Pi Math School

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We offer a unique combination of the best Russian Math methods for teaching mathematics and Singapore Math

After years of working with students in the USA we came up with unique combination of Russian Math and Singapore Math.

The Russian approach to teach mathematics is when a systematic presentation of the course from K-12 goes along with the presentation of complex concepts to much younger children. Abstract concepts are introduced from the first grade (simple algebra, equations, e.t.c). Problem solving, logic problems, patterns, geometry are parts of the child development from the very beginning.

Singapore math addresses one of the difficulties in teaching math - all children learn different way. The main difference with most programs in America is that Singapore Math concentrates of fewer topics, making sure that the child mastered the material. Explanations are very clear and detailed, emphasizing on the problem solving. Singapore’s text books are excellent source of material, they offer many different levels starting from the first grade.

We take the strongest points of both methods.

Our Programs are Personalized

We do not have a pre-set lesson plans. Instead, at the beginning of each class, we assess each student's academic performance and mathematical skill set and cuztomize our lesson to reach their personal goals. Our lesson plans are flexible and easy adjustable.

On-line Accessibility to Instructors

We offer free and unlimited on-line support through e-mail and video conferencing to answer parent and student questions with modern technology, seven days a week.

On-line Classroom

Our students can join any session through the Web. In case they cannot attend the session, they can join an on-line conferences and/or receive a recorded lesson.

Best-in-Class Instructors

All our teachers have degrees from highly respected institutions. Each teacher has first-hand experience on how local math programs operate and what the university expectations are, offering lessons that give your children exactly what they need to succeed.

Smaller Group Sizes

We believe, that in order to offer your child the best possible experience and individual attention, the maximum size of any group should be not more than eight students. In fact, we have many group from 3 to 4 students.

Smarter Group Design

Our groups are carefully built with students at similar stages of their skill development. This not only allows us to teach more math faster, but peers become an invaluable resource as well to your child's skill development.

Better Prices and Better Payment Plans

We not only offer better programs than our competitors, but our prices are lower and we require no payment contracts. We are committed to quality lessons. We are creating a positive impact on each child.

Availability of Extra-Curricular Activities

We not only offer the best math programs, but also offer chess, music and art classes from highly experienced professionals. These programs compliment our math lessons well and are great for your child's development.