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Pi Math School - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions



Welcome to FAQ

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Are you connected with RSM?

No, we are not an affiliate of RSM. We do not believe that you should pay for an after school

Program, mimicking the school environment, where needs of each student is not the main

goal. We think, that commercial size groups is not what parents are looking for.

How are you different from RSM (Russian school of Mathematics).

Our lead teachers have experience working in the best Moscow and Saint-Petersburg

Schools in Russia, specializing in Mathematics. They participated in development and

implementation of math school programs.

We use the best professionals we can find.

Our groups are small.

Every group has a curriculum created for that particular group, based on the student’s needs.

This way, each student is getting the maximum benefits.

We have free, unlimited online support.

We do not require a yearly contract.

Our payment schedule is flexible and convenient for parents.

It looks like the duration of your sessions is less than what RSM is offering. How do you manage this?

Great question! The qualification of teacher and small hand-picked groups will do the trick.

What is the difference between the Pi Math School program and Kumon?

Out teaching approach is different and based more on understanding concepts rather than

repetitive exercise and drills. We want all of our students become independent and creative


How old must my child be to enroll?

We take children from 5 years old usually. We can take younger students if they are ready for


Do we need a placement test to enroll?

Yes, your student will have to have an evaluation. We don’t call it a test, student have enough

of stress in school?

Our evaluation is more an informal talk giving us a good idea where to start.

After the initial placement is done, we are constantly monitoring progress and

re-evaluating to make sure we have the best placement for your child.

Can my student attend a trial class at Pi Math School before I commit to enrollment?

Absolutely, we’d love to have your visit! We do not attach any strings. You and your student

should be totally convinced and eager to join us. So, please feel free to visit our classes.

Can we start attending Pi Math School at any time during the year?

Yes. We will develop a special plan for your student depending on his/her initial skills.

How big are your classes at Pi Math School?

We have groups from 3 to 8 student. This way we can guarantee that every student in the

group is getting a 100% benefits.

Every group has their own curriculum which is discussed with parents when

the group is formed.

How does Pi Math School get young children to concentrate for a two-hour math class?

The variety of activities and methods our teacher are using will let that happen.

We do not hold younger students for 2 hours. We offer them 1 hour or 1.5 hours

The length of our sessions could be adjusted to meet the needs.

Is your curriculum the same as our child's regular school curriculum?

No it is not, unless you are requesting tutoring for your student.

In general we are ahead of the regular school.

We have our own curriculum, but we are aware of the Massachusetts State curriculum and the

Common Core Standards.

Do you provide make-up classes?

We do not offer make-up classes for groups. Student can join their class session through a

Web meeting or Skype. We will e-mail Class/Homework to you and if the child have questions

we will be available for on-line help.

Do you provide private tutoring?

Yes, of course we do, if this is what you really want. Our recommendation is to have a small

group. Which we can hand pick to make sure you getting the best service possible.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, electronic payments and checks.

We do not accept cash.

Do I have to pay upfront?

No! You can pay upfront if it is convenient for you, but are not requesting upfront payments.

You can choose your own terms. There is no reason for us to ask for prepayments.

We are totally confident that once you are with us you will not be able to find a better option.

Do you use any additional textbooks?

Yes we do. For example in elementary and middle school we use Singapore Intensive series

and Challenging word problems textbooks courses and our own developed materials.

Do you have advanced classes (Math Competition, Calculus)?

Yes, We do offer Math Competition prep by request.

The Calculus class is one of our regular class.

How many additional math-hours do you recommend?

Our homework should take about an hour to an hour and a half a week. Parents help is not

required. We are always ready to help and are available through the Web and skype.

Do you provide financial aid?

Talk to us. We will be happy to help.

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